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Chemistry Test

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HS Testing
REACH-SVHC, RoHS Dirctive (2002/95/EC) restricted six hazardous substances (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr6+, PBBs& PBDEs), PAHs, Phthalate, PVC, PCT, PCB. PCN, Asbestos.
Toys Testing
Physical and mechanical performance, Flammability, Heavy metal analysis
Food Testing
Microelement, heavy metal, PE, PS, chinaware food container
Consmetics Testing
Lead, total Hg, total As, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, and many other heavy metals
Environmental Monitoring
Test and monitor waste water, waste gas, and solid waste in industrial environment and livingenvironment.
Textile Testing
Allergenous disperse dyes, Organotin, Chromium Vl, Azo Dyes, Formaldehyde, Penrachlorophenol(PCP), Heavy metals, Ozone depleting substances (CFCs)
Footwear Testing
Hazardous Substance Testing Chrome Vl, Formaldehyde, Banned Azo Dyes, PCP’s, EN 71, EN 345, 340&346
Flammabikity Testing
 - US CPSC 16 CFR PART 1610, FMVSS302,  – 16 CFR part 1615/1616, California Flammabity Law, UK Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (safety) Regulations
Vehicle Testing
Restriction of hazardous substance, voltile organic compounds on air and part materials,vehicle exhaust emission, fuel oils survey & testing,metal & polymer materials testing
800 kinds of chemical substance can be detected in our Chemistry Lab., and help enterprises to comply with the Green and Environmental Protection more relevantly.

Test Items
Testing Items
Method Used
1. Heavy metal in packing material
1. 94/62/EC
2. 2004/12/EC
Please refer to item 2~4
2. Cadmium (Cd) & its Compounds
1. 2002/95/EC
2. 91/338/EEC
3. The Netherlands:Cadmium Decree 1999
4. 91/157/EEC
-IEC 62321
-EN 1122:2001
-US EPA3052:1996
-US EPA3050B Rev.2:1996
-alkali dissolution
Measurement method:
-ICP-AES,ICP-OES e.g.:EN ISO 11885:1998
-AAS e.g.:EN ISO5961:1995
3. Lead (Pb) & its Compounds
1. 2002/95/EC
2. California:Proposition 65
3. 91/157/EEC
-EN 13346 :2000
-EN 1122:2001
-US EPA3052:1996
-US EPA3050B Rev.2:1996
- alkali dissolution
Measurement method:
-ICP-AES,ICP-OES e.g.:EN ISO 11885:1998
-AAS e.g.:EN ISO5961:1995
4. Mercury (Hg) its Compounds
1. 2002/95/EC
2. 91/157/EEC
-EN 3052 :1996
-Heating evaporation-cold-vapor mercury-atomic-absorption method
-Kjeldahl method
Measurement method:
-ICP-AES,ICP-OES e.g.:EN ISO 11885:1998
5. Hexavalent-Chromium (Cr6+) Compounds
1. 2002/95/EC
2. 1999/43/EC
3. 91/157/EEC
US EPA 3060A & 7196A
6. PBBs
1. 2002/95/EC
US EPA 3540C
7. PBDEs
1. 2002/95/EC
2. 2003/11/EC
US EPA 3540C
8. PVC
- TCO `99/`03
- Blue Angel
9. Nickel
1. 94/27/EC
EN1811 & EN12472
10. Asbestos
1999//77/EC FT-lRanlysis
11. Mirex
US EPA 3540C
12. Azo colourants
EN 14362 -1&2(fabric)   CENISO/TS 17234(leather)
13. Short –chain chlorinated pafaffins(SCCPs)
US EPA 3540C
14. Formaldehyde
DIN 53315(leather) ISO 14181 -1&2(fabric) EN 120 (wood)
15. Chlorofluocarbons(CFCs)
Tedlar Collection & GC-MSD analysis
16. Arsenic
US EPA 3052 & 3050B