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Tech. Support

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   Shenzhen PTSI Testing Co., Ltd.
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Tech. Support

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Tech. Support

    Product testing and certification is of evaluating the conformity of products and its standards by relevant instrument. In generally, a new product has various problems. Now, we need to resolve these problems until it complies with the requirements. About product’s improvement, we need not only the familiarization with product design, but also the proficient about the standards and regulations.

    PTSI has the special product countermeasures department. Our corrective engineers have years of experience about engineering design and modification, and provide technical guidance and standard training at the primary stage of product design, to its final test process.

    Different countries and regions have specific certification requirements. For corporations, the contradiction between certification requirement and certification costing are universal existence. PTSI have a full understanding of choosing certification items, the way, the notified body etc., and give a professional suggestion to corporations. Help corporation to get their required certifications smoothly.